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Tips for very shy networkers

Back in the pre-Covid days, I once ran a short course in networking with researchers at the University of Glasgow. We had some fun, they picked up some useful techniques and strategies and we role-played joining a group of people we didn’t know.  Afterwards, one person stayed behind and spoke about how hard she found […]


From Self-Doubt to Imposter Syndrome

What is Imposter Syndrome? “How can anybody believe I can do this?”  “I’ve no right to be here” “I’m going to get found out” “I’m an imposter!” It is a rare person who does not experience anxieties and self-doubt, sometimes, in some situations, at some time in their lives. Anxiety and stress can occur in […]


Get those kids performing!

When we were running training in the room with people, I ran a presentations skills course with a group of pretty tough salespeople – the kind who view ‘soft skills’ with a certain degree of scepticism.   Yet within this group were two people who already had a head start on most presenters. One person had a voice which was rich […]