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Tips for very shy networkers

Back in the pre-Covid days, I once ran a short course in networking with researchers at the University of Glasgow. We had some fun, they picked up some useful techniques and strategies and we role-played joining a group of people we didn’t know.  Afterwards, one person stayed behind and spoke about how hard she found […]

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Go on – make their day!

Greeting someone with enthusiasm can make a difference to their day On one presentation and public speaking course I was running a few years back, we were doing an exercise where we asked the small group of participants to think about an experience which they had found moving in some way.  We then recorded them […]


How a call from Orange made me see red

(Phone call from Orange, the telecoms company) I was not asked if it was a convenient time for me to talk, before the young woman launched into her spiel. “Did you know Orange (rapid speech)….to EE?” “Yes, but I’m actually doing some work right now.  I only answered the phone because…” “…You’ve got X plan…Are […]