What does your voice say about you?

Dilly talks about thinking of your voice like music. Mine it for variety and expression.

Summary of tips

  • Listen to your voice
  • Think of it as if it is music
  • Consider varying your voice so you are easier to listen to


What does you voice say about you?

Well, listen to my voice now – what can you tell from listening to me?

You can tell probably that I have an English accent. You can tell my gender. Probably, roughly, what age I am. You might be able to get something about my background, my mood, whether I feel well or ill – there are all sorts of clues we pick up from someone’s voice.

If you think about your voice being a bit like music, you can think of your voice going up, your voice going down, your voice getting faster, your voice getting slower. It might be more intense, or it might be softer: your voice is capable of doing all sorts of wonderful things – it’s a very, very flexible communication tool.

And when you’re talking in those more formal situations, like presentations and when you’re public speaking, think of varying your voice because it makes it much easier for people to follow you and listen to what you’re going to say.

And enjoy your voice, it’s a really pleasurable expression of you!

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