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Relaxing into your performance: Vital Tip for presenters

Maximum Effect with Minimum Effort Yesterday Lex, our friendly graphic designer, and I were testing a new system for sending out large group email messages to our clients at voicebusiness. Trying to get the formatting to work on all the different platforms in pcs, macs, smart phones, ipads, webmail etc is a bit of a […]

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Tips for very shy networkers

Back in the pre-Covid days, I once ran a short course in networking with researchers at the University of Glasgow. We had some fun, they picked up some useful techniques and strategies and we role-played joining a group of people we didn’t know.  Afterwards, one person stayed behind and spoke about how hard she found […]


From Self-Doubt to Imposter Syndrome

What is Imposter Syndrome? “How can anybody believe I can do this?”  “I’ve no right to be here” “I’m going to get found out” “I’m an imposter!” It is a rare person who does not experience anxieties and self-doubt, sometimes, in some situations, at some time in their lives. Anxiety and stress can occur in […]